Our Process

All website and application development projects have varied scope, design, programming expectations. No project is too small that dosen't require steps to meet user and marketing expectations

01. Content Gathering & IA

Your content will guide any given website or user driven application. A strong user-focused design will rely on a strong Information Architecture (IA), one that makes it easy for users to find what they need quickly. This content gathering process works to build up strong content, while outline page hierarchy, content heirarchy, navigation labeling, and key messaging. 

03. Design & Style Guiding

If wireframes are the framework, the theme is the presentation. With theming we blend a modern approach to design with the brand of the business. I find design overlaps with wireframing since the layout composed in Axure provide the canvas for the theme to come to life. Mood and first impressions are made through colors and layout; inspiring users is always achievable.

05. Search Engine Marketing

Reaching your audience on Google requires two things done well; industry standard coding practices and content building. The information architecture making up the website has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind when determining page titles, navigation, secondary and tertiary content placement. If navigating the website is intuitive for the end user, it will be so for any major search engine.

02. Wireframes & Interaction Design 

Wireframes are interactive storyboards (HTML) illustrating page layout and content structure without the need for graphics or aesthetics. Discussions of primary and secondary content placement in relation to key messaging, graphics and navigation are interactive and fun through wireframes. 

04. Programming & Development

The responsibility of a programmer is ensure a future proofed, scalable code base that can be maintainable and affordable. HTML5, JQuery help bring an interactive, rich environment to the front end. As a multi-discipline organization we adopt both PHP, .NET. DRUPAL 6-8 and WordPress 4+ are management systems we regularly maintain.