Field Trip Procedure Application

The SD68 school district required an internal application procedure to be integrated into an interactive and online process. The School District wanted to better streamline this process by migrating the entire field trip application online. The 102 page application needed to be digestible, repeatable, and a fast process that would feel familiar to school staff. 

Expediting the process for teachers meant utilizing a framework that could save progress, while being able to repurpose completed applications for the following year.

The Field Trip Procedure Application begins with a teacher submitting the appropriate request/application to the school principal. Depending on the various risk factors involved with the field trip, a district assistant superintendent could be asked to give additional approval. If the application at any point requires an amendment, it's then returned to original teacher where the process then repeats itself.

Through the beta development process came extensive user testing. Focus workshops were used throughout each stage of the process with school staff so we could analyze their click interactions, behavior patterns and logged feedback. 

The development phase saw a paper system slowly evolve into an online framework that could not only be custom designed around users needs, but also meet their expectations through a familiar process.


  • PHP 7.x
  • Jquery-JS Library
  • Bootstrap UI
  • Wordpress 4.x.x
  • Windows IIS

Life Cycle

  • 2015 - present

Inside Look