British Columbia Trade & Invest

While working with a local software company here in Victoria, I was given the responsibility to take the newly developed site map and wireframe the website page-by-page. Wireframing is a design step that helps to remove guesswork for program developers, designers and clients. Wireframes are built using Axure (7.x), which is a cross platform software program that outputs HTML prototypes for clients to use and interact with.

Wireframing each of the 150+ pages of the site meant designing the overall site interface, page templates, core functionality and where all of the main page elements would reside and why. 

Page elements included site navigation, primary content, supplementary callouts, data feeds, info graphics, and tertiary content features such as calendars, searches, tabs, and social media feeds. Placement of all these elements are crucial since this ensures that each page (and it's parent sections) retain proper visual balance, consistent workflow, and ensure the end users can digest information quickly while easily navigating to related content on the website.