Career Technical Center (Naniamo)

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith Career Technical Centre (CTC) offers a unique educational opportunity to students in School District 68. The CTC enables students to begin post-secondary (university/college) trades and technical programs during Grade 12. CTC students simultaneously work towards completing their high school diploma and post-secondary certification by receiving dual credits for their post-secondary coursework; that is, specified post-secondary courses earn both university and high school credit.

In addition to CTC reestablishing their new brand and website; the department also needed to simplify a series of complex program registrations for students and parents. Creating registrations online for students allowed them an opportunity to save and process their applications without staff intervention. Applications which are processed notify teachers, principals and organizers alike. This automated system saves hundreds of hours each year for school and university staff since emails, student file uploads, PDF summaries are provided to the required staff.

Each program application owns its own set of unique questions and conditioned pages depending on the answers given by the user. Through wireframes and extensive user testing, a dynamic interface was designed to present a consolidated series steps. Designing a single workflow for program applications makes it much easier for staff to  coordinate student information with one another, while keeping a complex process simple enough to complete in minutes. 


  • PHP on Ubuntu
  • Jquery-JS Library
  • Bootstrap UI
  • Wordpress 4.x.x

Life Cycle

  • 2014 - Present

Inside Look