Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools (SD68)

The School District in Nanaimo Ladysmith (SD68) required a website that could be structured in such a way that non-technical staff could easily use and manage large volume of information over an extended period.

Creating a proper site structure for a district means thoroughly auditing all existing site content, plus any additional district content not already available publicly. By working closely with SD68, we were able create a road map for grouping content (site map), while outlining key content focuses on a page by page basis.

Wireframes were an important next step since we could then take the newly established workflow and compose a set of interactive layouts to outline key content focuses. Key content includes secondary / tertiary callouts, navigational avenues, page titling and the primary content position.

Wireframes also worked well to review staff user experience, and click tendencies for less technical users throughout the site.

The site theme was then designed around the wireframes based on the existing brand. Based on the existing brand it was a simple task to establish a that set a friendly mood for all user demographics.


  • PHP 7.x
  • Jquery-JS Library
  • Foundation UI
  • Wordpress 4.x.x
  • Windows IIS

Life Cycle

  • 2014 - Present

Inside Look