Island Orthotics Victoria

Island Orthotics is trained staff of certified Orthotists assessing injuries for fabricated custom-made orthoses (braces). The organization was looking to take their initial site and grow it into an online resource for consumers to understand how "injury assessment", "treatment education" can guide them through an ortheses assessment.

Guiding users through a complex medical assessment process is never an easy task.

The wireframes took the content with the approach of highlighting multiple areas of the page to "assess existing injuries". The treatment section of the website outlines common sport injuries, the symptoms to recognize, and the treatments would be required following a fully assessment. The "treatment discovery process" introduces in-house assessment processes while not overwhelming the user with complex medical procedures.

The updated design takes their existing brand and adds pastel accents. The photography injects a sense of the organization it's certified staff when treating patients.


  • PHP on Ubuntu
  • Jquery-JS Library

Life Cycle

  • 2005 - Present

Inside Look