Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts (LAAFA)

The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts (LAAFA) needed a online source for managing, importing, editing and printing comprehensive digital academic breakdowns of each student and their final GPA (grade point average) scores. The online breakdown assisted academy administrators in reviewing and later printing student transcript records for graduation. The digital breakdown consisted of the students' grades, credits, and credits attempted per class, inside a yearly quarter format. Space management for this was key, and often a challenge as 144 classes and 12 quarters were expected to merge comfortably inside a 8.5 x 11 digital print. A proper transcript header / footer were designed to make the document authentic.

Overall GPA was based on both GE (general education) scores, and academy scores. With the calculations pre-programmed -- an import function existed for each, making quick work of mass student data changes. Management panels existed for administrators to manually revise student and class data. 


  • PHP on Ubuntu

Life Cycle

  • 2010 - Present

Inside Look