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INVISION.WEB is a multi-disciplined web firm providing award winning web services to education, private sectors and enterprise level businesses. Scale up quickly through responsible content building and professional web standards.

Interaction Designer / Programmer. Steve
Project Strategist / IT Support Analyst. Melissa

Intuitive web services rely on thoughtful content. Focused content shapes your online presentation through targeted messaging, layouts, hierarchy and programming. We ensure your web service is future proofed and scalable for every device in the world.

Web services are programmed and designed with industry standard software. Our wireframe and content architectures provide interactive, detailed, HTML rich presentations for clients to easily collaborate and build from. We utilize only trusted content management platforms to provide the security and intuitive editability clients need long term (Magento, Drupal, Wordpress).


Mr. Pet's
Everything for Your Pet

  Mr. Pet's provides 8000 unique pet products across 2 provinces and 9 store locations.

The online website required software which could integrate real-time POS purchasing with a scalable online inventory system. Each store location had servers and POS hardware integrated with Magento, creating an agile infrastucture for staff to manage online stores and in-store tills with real-time results.

UI/UX Design Custom Theme Magento Upgrade POS Integration Technical Support



La société de développement
économique de la Colombie-Britannique

  SDECB provides support for a wide range of projects for Francophone workers and entrepreneurs in BC. We were assigned with modernizing their previous government design modal, while ensuring their information architecture, messaging and navigation systems could seamlessly support a multitude of langauges.

The modernized design needed a mobile-first approach that allowed new and frequent users to locate specific sets of information quickly.

UI/UX Design Programming Mulilingual Set-up Technical Support Host Management



Cowichan Valley School District
& Schools Network (SD79)

  The modernized district theme required a strong emphasis on navigation. A focused need on accessibility allowed district-wide resources, news reports and critical public information to be found quickly from multiple areas. A series of flexible page layouts were wireframed to ensure page messaging was digestible, while balancing primary, secondary and key tertiary content types.

A multi-site network was established to enable schools, teachers and program coorindators to inherit a flexible theme to build up their web presences effeciently.

IA Schema UI/UX Design Custom Theme Programming Document Versioning Multisite Network

www.sd79.bc.ca   School Network


Naniamo Ladysmith School District
& Schools Network (SD68)

  A future proofed theme was required to support a fast-growing network of resources, documents and time-sensitive news. A series of flexible page blocks and layouts were designed for staff to not only intuitively write and switch out key content, but do so within a simplified user interface. Document version control was established for staff to update documents without updating page links directly. This saves the strain of maintaining links throughout a large multi-site network.
IA Schema UI/UX Design Theme Design Programming Document Versioning
Multisite Network Host Management

www.sd68.bc.ca   School Network


School District (SD68)
Resource Intranet

  An internal network was programmed to provide multiple levels of staff access to district-wide documents and secure resources. Active Directory authentication was programmed for staff to quickly and securely access network sites without registering.
IA Schema UI/UX Design Custom Theme Programming Document Versioning AD / LDAP Technical Support Host Management

Internal Only Network


School District (SD68)
Field Trip Procedure

  An internal application system was programmed to allow teachers, principals, and superintendents access to build, manage and approve district wide field trips online. The paperless system uses Active Directory authentication for staff to securely approve requested field trips.
Application Development IA Schema UI/UX Design Theme Template Design Programming Document Versioning AD / LDAP Technical Support Host Management

Internal Only Network


Island ConnectED K-12 &
Online Application System

  With a large volume of student registrations each year, Island Connected required an automated system that could shorten the registration process for students, organize next steps for staff, and provide parents with secure environment to sign-off on multiple courses. A notification matrix was designed to outline which staff members would recieve registrations depending on the field selections of the user.
IA Schema UI/UX Design Theme Design Programming Tech Support Host Management

ic-registration.sd68.bc.ca   island-connected.sd68.bc.ca


District (SD79) School Locator
  The locator program was designed for families to find district schools and early learning programs around the district. By leveraging Google's mapping API, the locator tool could not only be interactive, but easily integratable with the existing district theme.
UI/UX Design Theme Template Design Programming Plugin Creation



Los Angeles Academy of Figuritive Arts (LAAFA)
  An online management system programmed to import, edit and print comprehensive academic transcripts for student graduation. Transcripts consisted of 144 classes over 12 terms (4 years). Each term outlined classes, credits and grades achieved by the student; while placed suitably on an authorized 8.5 x 11 printable sheet.
UI/UX Design Custom Theme Programming Host Management

Internal Network Only


CTC: Career Technical Centre &
Online Application System

  CTC offers high school students the opportunity to work towards their high school diploma while achieving dual credits for their post-secondary coursework. With a large volume of registrations arriving each year, the CTC staff needed an online system that could better automate the process for teachers, counsellors and principals. A notification matrix was designed to outline where submissions are sent based on the selections of the user.
Application Development Application Schema UI/UX Design Custom Theme Programming Technical Support Host Management

www.ctc-careerpaths.ca   www.ctc-careerpaths.ca/registration/


Eco Nova
  EcoNova is an portal for the Francophone school board (CSF) to share student environmental projects related to sciences and arts.

A syncronizaton plugin was programmed for approved users to upload environmental videos to a universal YouTube account via Worpdress. The contents would be approved and posted automattically to the website, enabling key functionality to be in-site at all times.

Plugin Creation Mulilingual Set-up Backend UI Design



Colombie Britannique Entreprise Locator
  This program was designed for users to quickly find francophone based enteprises around British Columbia. By modernizing the previous government modal, the locator tool could interactively outline enteprise information, while making it easier for staff to update and control information.
Theme Template Design Programming Marketing Plugin Creation